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Now They Speak, You Listen

Ako Zada from ‘Kurdish Community Scotland’ helped in producing the audio clips, translating from Kurdish and communicating with the asylum seekers. Karmand Ali also helped with parts of the translation. [The following report consists of two parts. The second will be published in the upcoming week. The first report is focusing on the asylum seekers’ demands, while the second one on Adnan Olbeh, the Syrian refugee who was found dead in his room in one of the hotels provided by MEARS.] Volume 1.

Agamben Vs Zizek: How their ‘debate’ reflects the social reality of Covid-19

The problem with Agamben’s position on the rise of state surveillance under Covid-19 is that the explanatory potential of his arguments is seriously limited by the uncritical acceptance of the alternative scenario’s validity. To simplify somewhat, Agamben fails to keep a well-balanced analysis and to propose a realistic, immediately applicable alternative response. His critique over the public’s acceptance/ submission to the current measures of surveillance is disproportionate to our real capacity for simultaneous responsive activity and protection. Time is running. Even being able to observe, analyse, and challenge state policies is currently a privilege. The medical staff putting their lives at constant risk are the first to suffer due to an already problematic financial system. Blindly disobeying the state won’t offer them more hospital equipment but keeping an eye on the situation will secure our future.

Prosecution Proposes to Acquit Neo-Nazi "Golden Dawn" Party

Pavlos Fyssas , (also known as Killah P), a well-known Greek rapper and vocal anti-fascist, was murdered in September of 2013 by Giorgos Roupakias, a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn organisation. The ambush took place outside a cafe in the working-class district of Keratsini. Fyssas’s murder sparked a forceful reaction by Greece’s radical left and anarchist movements and paved the way to a thorough investigation into the neo-Nazi group’s operations.
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